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There Are 2 Ways to Be Rewarded By ORU


ORU knows your time is valuable and wants to reward you for things you may do every day. How would you like to be rewarded by a social media network for posting, liking and commenting? Of course you would and that is what ORU does and that is only part of it. Here is a list of ways you can be rewarded for just participating.

  1. Chatting with friends on ORU Chat
  2. Set up a group chat and do audio or video conferencing
  3. Posting videos, images or text on ORU Social
  4. Liking what other members post in ORU Social
  5. List your store in the ORU Marketplace
  6. List something from your closet in the ORU Marketplace
  7. List any service or product in the ORU Marketplace
  8. Buy something from the ORU Marketplace
  9. Buy or sell ORU Quantum
  10. Check and send emails in your ORU Mail
  11. Use ORU Travel to book car rentals, airfare, cruises and vacation packages
  12. Use ORU Health to compare prescriptions
  13. Buy prescriptions using your ORU Health Card
  14. Basically, do anything on the ORU Platform
  15. Sharing ORU with others
  16. Providing support to other members
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II. Sell Your Products or Services in the ORU Marketplace

You can list almost anything in the ORU Marketplace . Have you used Craigslist or online yard sales to list things from your closet? Do you have a tennis racket hanging up in the garage that you haven’t used for a couple years? Put it on the marketplace. You don’t have to have a business to participate in the marketplace.

So here is a list of the ways to receive cash rebates in the ORU Marketplace

  1. Listing anything from your home or the home of a friend or family member.
  2. Listing items that you can dropship from Amazon, eBay or Alibaba.
  3. List your company’s products, all of them, every SKU.
  4. List your company’s services; dog grooming, massage, anything.
  5. Simply participate in the marketplace and be rewarded.
Customer Testimonails

ORU is such an amazing platform and concept. ORU rewards me every week just by using the services it provides, while at the same time those services are saving me money! Get rewarded, while you save! I just saved $100s on my trip from Australia to the US. Only $1,050 which was cheaper than the best sale price offered directly by any of the airlines. Thank you ORU!

Suvir Salins ORU Member

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