Oru Quantum

Community Currency Powered By Quantum Science

ORU Quantum is Backed 100% by USD

  1. Community Currency
  2. Powered by Quantum Science
  3. Immediately Usable in ORU Platform
  4. Unlocks Exclusive Discounts
  5. Instand Fund Transfers
  6. Mobile Payments
  7. No Transfer Fees
  8. Trade Quantum on ORU Exchange
Become Member to purchase Quantum
ORU Quantum
ORU Qusantum Widget

The Quantum Widget

In your ORU account you can track the value of Quantum, buy, sell and send Quantum to other accounts and keep track of all the transactions.
A key benefit is being able to get special pricing and discounts in the ORU Market with merchants. As the value of Quantum up, so does your buying power. As a merchant yourself you can also draw more business to yourself by accepting Quantum.

Track All Your ORU Quantum Usage

From within the Quantum Exchange, you are able to monitor your Quantum balance, send and receive Quantum to/from other members, or see your past transactions. You can also activate your ORU Travel key to access deep travel discounts. The Travel Key is another layer of security provided by ORU to protect the integrity of all transactions and ensure only members receive the benefits.

Start using ORU Quantum to increase your buying power and/or to draw more customers to your business.

Community Currency

Any service provided by ORU within the ORU ecosystem can be rewarded for using the ORU Quantum. Merchants in the ORU Market are likely to accept Quantum as a form of payment.

End-to-End Encryption

Unlike cryptocurrencies, by using entanglement science, ORU Quantum has the highest level of encryption security available.

Private Exchange

Quantum is bought and sold within the ORU community. This disallows the manipulation of the price by bots and "whales." Quantum is not to be seen as an investment since the value is based solely on supply and demand.