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Features of ORU Pay/My funds

  1. International Money Transfers
  2. Member to member payment solution
  3. No Transaction Fees
  4. Instant fund transfers
  5. Mobile payments
  6. Scan & Pay with QR codes
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Say Goodbye to Money Service Businesses and Money Transmitters

ORUPay is a peer-to-peer payment solution that can be used worldwide. Providing a way to send money overseas without any fees.

Send with the Touch of a Button

Download the ORU Market app and send money right from your smartphone. Send money from the desktop ORU site as well. So no matter what platform you’re on, just login, choose the ORU member, the amount, add a note and hit send, and instantly the funds are transferred to their account, with no fees.

Scan to Receive

With the ORU Market app you have a fully mobile payment solution to pay someone or receive funds from them simply by scanning your QR code. Simply use the app to display your QR code, let the other member scan your code, and that’s it! Paying someone made simple.

Customer Testimonails

The payment solutions that are possible in this platform, are giving charities, business owners and individuals in my life, timely, low to no fee options. My ability to move funds quickly to subcontractors is necessary, and now is immediate and free. Charities in Nigeria get all the money intended for the cause, just to name a couple.

Anita Corrigan ORU Member.

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