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Going Global Is Easy With The ORU Marketplace

exposure for your products and/or services

As an ORU Member you can list your products, services and/or opportunites for free in the ORU marketplace and reach tens of thousands of people all over the world. It is like combining Craigslist, eBay and Amazon in one. The marketplace suits all types of business models.

  1. No fees, just be an ORU member
  2. You receive 100% of your profit
  3. No limit on listings
  4. Receive Rebates for Advertising on the Marketplace
  5. You determine shipping
  6. Accept payment through My Funds or Quantum
  7. 2048 Bit Encryption through Quantum Entanglement Science
  8. No distracting ads

What are members saying?

Customer Testimonials

I listed my company in the ORU market and I added tracking to the link so I could analyze the results coming from a $5.95/monthly expense. I can tell you that the results exceed almost every other kind of advertising that I have used. I strongly recommend this as a marketing tool to anyone with a product or service.

Bill Wynne ORU Member
Customer Testimonials

The ORU market is and amazing avenue to post anything you have for sale on the platform. It’s so much safer than craigslist and there’s no fees involved like Amazon and eBay. What’s best about it, is I actually get paid for placing items for sale on the market!

Dane Koller ORU Member