More Financial Benefits With Less Fees

Features of the ORU VISA Card

  1. No credit checks, guaranteed approval
  2. No minimum balance
  3. Fee free, global member to member transfers
  4. Instant fund transfers
  5. In the US, set up direct deposit with your employer
  6. Pay your bills online
  7. Withdraw cash from thousands of ATMs
  8. Good wherever VisaTM is accepted
Get your ORU VISA Card

Easy Loading & Withdrawals

Load cash to your ORU Visa Prepaid Debit card with your Credit/Debit cards by purchasing ADVT Credits through your secure back office. Set up Direct Deposit to your ORU Visa with your employer.

Benefits of the ORU VISA Card

  1. No overdraft fees
  2. Use MyFunds account separately to save money
  3. No monthly minimum or qualifications
  4. Advanced fraud protection and security
  5. Funds are FDIC insured
  6. Receive daily rebates for referring other people

Ideal for

  1. Avoiding overdraft fees
  2. Paying bills and purchasing online
  3. Budgeting, only spend the money that you have on your card
  4. Direct deposit to avoid check-cashing fees
  5. People who do not have a bank account or good credit history
  6. Having more than just a prepaid debit card

Why are you still paying check cashing fees?

When you set up direct deposit with your employer, your funds will be instantly available on your
ORU Prepaid VisaTM Card when the money is deposited. No more paying exorbitant fees for cash now.

ORU Card Fees


  1. $5.95 per month (includes access to all of ORU)
  2. $0.59 Debit Transaction Fee
  3. $1.95 ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee
  4. $0.50 Purchase Decline Fee
  5. Unlimited balance inquiries online or through the app
  6. For a list of full fees, visit our fees and terms page