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ORU Marketplace (5)

How do I use the ORU Market?
Using the ORU Market is simple. You register for an ORU membership and immediately you have a universe of possibilities, benefits and tools at your fingertips. Remember that you also get ORUPAY, ORUTRAVEL, ORU QUANTUM and your ORUCARD and start receiving great rewards on purchases made at ORU merchants.

You can list products, services, stores and businesses in the ORU Market. You can buy, sell, trade or swap with all other ORU members in the world. You have secure messaging options and live chat to communicate with your fellow Orutopians.
Are there any costs for listing my business, products or services?
There are no costs associated with listing business or personal products or services. All that is required is that you are an ORU member, which is only $5.95 a month. The membership does also include all the other services and features in the ORU platform.
What am I allowed to list on the marketplace?
There are no listed limitations. It is a free market to post anything you wish to sell. There is a Sentinel that will notify you if you have posted something that is not allowed. This means it fell into a category such as illegal, unethical or other black category.
Is the ORU Market a barter exchange?
No, ORU Market is not a barter exchange. The ORU Market acts as a clearing facilitator for the informal exchange of products and services on a noncommercial basis. It does not charge a membership fee for basic membership, barter fee, commissions or facilitation fees.
Does ORU act as a broker?
ORU Market is not a broker. A broker is an individual or party that arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller for a commission when the deal is executed. A broker who also acts as a seller or as a buyer becomes a principal party to the deal. While the ORU Market technologically facilitates the exchanges in the marketplace, it does not charge any fees for this. As a facilitator, the ORU Market engages in the activity of facilitation where we help a group of people understand their common objectives and assist them in how to achieve these objectives. In doing so, the ORU Market remains neutral and does not take a particular position in the discussion. The ORU Market does not receive, nor charge a fee or commission to act as a facilitator.

ORU Financial Services (4)

What is ORU Pay?
ORUPAY, is a sophisticated global smartphone platform software technology, designed and created by ORU to enable members to make instantaneous payments to other members or merchants from their MYMONEY account through the web and through smartphone devices, without paying any fees or commissions.
What is the ORU CARD?
The ORU CARD, also known as the ORU Prepaid Card, software platform is a benefit available to ORU Members, which offers great reward back opportunities on purchases made from ORU merchants.
Can ORU Pay be used to send money internationally?
Yes, this is a common use for ORU Pay and people use Quantum as well for this purpose. Since there are no fees to send money with ORU Pay you don't have to incur the fees and risk transaction security associated with sending money using services like bank wires, Western Union, Money Gram or cryptocurrency.
What are the fees for using the ORU Prepaid card?
Yes, there are minimal fees regarding the different scenarios that take place when using a financial instrument such as a debit card. You can read the terms of the card at ORU Prepaid Card Terms.

ORU Quantum (2)

Where can I use ORU Quantum?
ORU can be used wherever ORU is accepted within our private membership environment and only by our Premium Members. ORU are a limited license to a digital widget that embeds information useful to members in relation to discounts, rewards, events, attractions and other benefits offered to and by ORU Members.
Is ORU Quantum a form of currency?
A complementary currency is used to supplement a national currency. It is an agreement to use a medium of exchange that is not usually legal tender. The purpose is to protect and stimulate a particular economy. A complementary currency aims to protect and strenghten a community and strenghten a territory. ORU are not a complementary currency but instead a license to a highly sophisticated widget which can be purchased and used only by ORU Premium Members. An ORU unlocks benefits, discounts and rewards within our private membership network.

A community currency is a type of complementary currency that has the explicit aim to support and build more equal, connected and sustainable societies. The ORU Quantum is a type of community currency and a highly sophisticated widget, the license to which can be purchased and used by only ORU Premium Members. An ORU Quantum Widget unlocks benefits, discounts and rewards within our private membership network.

Being Rewarded By ORU (4)

How often does ORU apply rewards?
All rewards are applied realtime with the exception of the participation reward that is allocated from a member's ORU Score. The participation reward is applied weekly. You can learn more about being rewarded with ORU on the Rewards webpage.
How can I earn money with ORU?
There are a variety of ways to generate income for yourself in the ORU Market. We will cover them here. As additional methods become available we will list them in this FAQ.

For additional information visit: Earn With ORU.

Method 1: List your product(s) in the ORU Marketplace and sell that product to other Members. Members can get paid with MYFUNDS or ORU's (ORU Quantum)

Method 2: List your service in the ORU Marketplace and provide that service to another Member. Members can get paid with MYFUNDS or ORU's (ORU Quantum)

Method 3: List your business or store in the ORU Marketplace. Members who visit your store can take advantage of the products and or services you sell and discount. Member customers can pay with MYFUNDS or ORU's (ORU Quantum)

Method 4: Advertise your products, services and businesses / stores to other members and receive advertising participation rebates each Saturday.

Method 5: Become an ORU Premium Member and receive additional rewards weekly from participating. Get all the benefits of the ORUPAY global payment technology platform and get the ORUCARD as a benefit to withdraw funds.

Method 6: Share ORU with others and get paid the ORU Protocol sharing rewards.

Is ORU a MLM or Network Marketing Company?
The ORU Market is not an MLM (Multi Level Marketing, also known as Direct Sales or Network Marketing) Company. ORU Market is an Enterprise Software and Information Technology network that offers its software capabilities both for free and by subscription to its members on a non-exclusive license basis. In a typical MLM network the network distributes its own products through a network of distributors who earn income from their own retail sales of product and from the retail sales made by the distributors direct and indirect recruiting of others. A broader definition would be any marketing program in which the participants pay money to the the owner or promoter of the program in return for which the participants have the right to: (a) recruit additional participants, or have additional participants placed by the promoter or any other person into the program participant’s downline, tree, cooperative, income center, or other similar program grouping; (b) sell goods or services; and (c) receive compensation, in whole or in part, based upon the sales of those in the participants downline, tree, cooperative, income center or similar program grouping. That is MLM defined.

ORU Market does NOT:

- charge a membership fee to its basic free members

- charge a facilitation fee to its members

- get paid by its members for any rights to refer other members to the ORU Market

- pay compensation based upon sales of members

- place members anywhere into a program

- charge a registration or sign-up fee (basic membership is free)

- get paid for recruitment of members

- receive commissions based on the participation of its members

ORU Market DOES:

- provide free registration for all members (basic membership)

- provide free product listings

- provide free service listings

- provide free business listings

- provide free messaging services

- provide free chat services

- provide free iPhone App

- provide free Android App

- provide free website linking

- provide free media listing

- provide free communication editorial functionality

- provide free archiving functionality

- provide travel services

- provide health rx prescription drug savings services

And these are just some of the outstanding free services provided by ORU Market to its global membership.

Members join the ORU Market place to market their own products, services and businesses. ORU does not directly or indirectly compete with its members by selling products or services offered by its members either for free or for a fee.

ORU Market offers a communication and advertising platform to all of its members to create, edit, archive and broadcast their product, service or business messages to other members who have voluntarily opted in and subscribed to receive these messages. ORU Market members have the opportunity to select their audience based on sophisticated tools and capabilities and data selection, free of charge. A small fee is charged to broadcast this service and this fee constitutes a source of income to the ORU Market. In addition, ORU Market offers its members a prepaid debit card called the ORU Prepaid Card. Members receive this card for free as a benefit of the ORU Premium Membership Subscription.
Is ORU a referral sales network?
The ORU Market is not a referral sales network. A referral sale is typically defined as the provision or offer to provide a customer with a prize, discount, rebate, or other compensation as an inducement for a sale that requires the prospective customer to give names of other prospective customers to the seller, if earning that prize, discount, rebate or other compensation is contingent upon a sale to one of the "referred" customers.

The ORU Market does not offer or promise to a buyer any kind of price reduction, rebate, commission, credit or other consideration. ORU Market offers its members a variety of software tools, both free and on SaaS basis. ORU Members can offer products, services to members on the ORU Marketplace. ORU Market does not pay or receive a commission on sales made by ORU Members to other members in the network.

The ORU Market does not promise or offer any inducements for a sale or lease on products or services.

The ORU Market does not require or ask its members to provide names of other people. Basic membership in the ORU Market is free and ORU Members are free to spread the word to others without inducement.

The ORU Market does not make offers or promises that are contingent upon its ability to make a sale to anybody. ORU Market is an Enterprise Software and Information Technology network. It does not sell products to the general public or to its members. It makes its proprietary software platforms available on a non-exclusive basis to all members, both basic and premium. Some of the software platforms available on ORU Market are free to all members. Premium Members can subscribe to a non-exclusive license to utilize additional software platforms, including but not limited to the ORU CARD platform which includes the free ORU Prepaid Card, ORU Travel, ORU Health RX and ORU Quantum.

ORU Social (2)

What is allowable for posting on ORU Social?
ORU takes abusive and offensive content very seriously. We have built safety mechanisms into the network that try to keep all the members safe from potentially harmful and offensive content. We have also created a pro-active function called: REPORT OFFENSIVE so that our members can participate in keeping our network safe. As an ORU Member, if you ever see any postings or listings that violate our Sentinel content policies, all you have to do is click on the "View Profile" link in the offending listing. At the bottom of the profile you see a link named: REPORT OFFENSIVE. When you click on it, you will have an instant form where you can report the offensive content, a description of the offensive content, the link to the offensive content and upload a screen shot of the content. Then click "REPORT" and it will immediately be sent to our compliance team. Action is usually taken within minutes.

We thank all of our members for staying vigilant and for their support in keeping the ORU Market safe and happy for everyone.

This same Sentinel is active on the Marketplace and other parts of the ORU Platform where members are posting and interacting.
Is my data safe on ORU Social?
One of the tenants to ORU is privacy. ORU will never sell your personal information or use it to advertise to you in a way that you don't want. ORU is a platform for safe and healthy interaction.

ORU Health (3)

What kind of services are offered in ORU Health?
Currently there is a valuable discount prescription card that you can learn more about at the ORU Discount Prescription Card.

A second phase to the ORU Health program will include additional services, which will come out in 2019.
How much can I expect to save with the ORU Health Program?
This is dependent on your medication(s), where you currently purchase them, where you are willing to purchase them, if you are already using a copay or insurance policy.

There are families saving hundreds of dollars each month that were getting insurance assistance. You can read some of these stories and learn more on the ORU Health webpage.
Can I use ORU Health with my existing insurance?
Yes, in some cases the discounts that ORU Health provide are better than insurance and so you should always ask about the pricing available to you with the ORU Health in combination or apart from your insurance.

ORU Travel (1)

How do the prices compare with other companies like Priceline?
To be honest, ORU prices are not always better... but, they have been better enough times and saved people enough money to warrant a $5.95 monthly subscription with all the other benefits. There are plenty of stories from people and you can read some of them on the ORU Travel webpage.

ORU Network (5)

How do you pronounce ORU?
What does ORU stand for?
ORU is an acronym. It stands for "One Race United"

ORU is also the Japanese word for "weaving", which is appropriate considering that in the ORU Market we weave people together to build stronger relationships and communities. In addition ORU means to be humble; to be; to exist and to do something.

ORU is the Tamil word for "The One" - The Tamil language is one of the oldest written languatges in the world, dating back over 2,000 years.

ORU is the Estonian word for "Unity"

The ORU symbol is the twenty-first letter of the Greek alphabet: Phi signifying the Golden Ratio; all things in perfect harmony, synchronicity and unity.
What is the concept of ORU?
ORU Market is an Enterprise Software and Information Technology network that offers one-stop global social sharing, financial, trade and marketing software tools to its members. The network was founded to offer its members and subscribers a wide range of tools to succeed in commerce and life. Basic membership is free to all members while Premium Membership offers enhanced tools and capabilities for a small monthly fee of $5.95.

Through its unique structure, offering its software as a service, ORU seeks to strengthen local communities and build strong social relationships that encourage people to participate in commerce, education, and helping others to succeed in a rapidly evolving smart IT centric environment.

Register, participate, share and get paid. List your products, services or stores and businesses. Create and receive rewards and incentives using ORU ( ORU Quantum). Market and Advertise your products and services to local and global members. Receive cash participation incentives each Saturday and use ORUPAY to reward others or to receive rewards instantly. Participate in the only network that pays a reward back to ORU members through incentive based participation income, in an effort to build sustainable communities and establish strong social relationships.

Use the Membership Protocol Advocacy Program to get paid for sharing ORU with others.

Pursue your passions and dreams and receive rewards for doing it. Increase your happiness and decrease your stress.
What is SaaS?
Software as a service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It is sometimes referred to as "on-demand" software. SaaS is typically accessed by users using a web browser or mobile device. SaaS has become a common delivery model for many business applications, including office and messaging software, payroll processing software, DBMS software, management software, CAD software, development software, gamification, virtualization, account, collaboration, customer relationship management (CRM), management information systems (MIS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), invoicing, human resource management (HRM), talent acquisition, content management (CM) and others.

ORU Market is an Enterprise Software and Information Technology network that offers its software capabilities both for free and by subscription to its members on a non-exclusive license basis.

Components of the ORU Network, as individual SaaS components are:

ORU Chat: Messaging Software

ORU Pay: Payment Software

ORU Mail: Communications and Mail Software

ORU Organization: (CRM), (HRM)

ORU Advertising and Promotion: Content Management

ORU Sentinel: Security and Cyber Protection Software

ORU Travel: Reservation and Booking engine for all your travel needs

ORU Quantum: An community currency that unlocks rewards and discounts.
Does ORU require an investment to benefit from the services?
The ORU Marketplace does not require an investment. Members register for free or upgrade to Premium Membership. Premium Membership carries a one-time activation fee of $30.94 and a small monthly membership payment of $5.95 per month and can be cancelled at any time and for any reason.